Video Examples

Company Video A company video will help get people to your website and find out about your business. It is an overall and very broad look at the main points of your company. This type of video makes a good first impression in search results or on the home page of your website. It can also include a mixture of some of the other types of video such as the Client Testimonial.

Personal Testimonial This type of video can be very captivating and is mixed with descriptive footage. It’s a great opportunity for someone to tell their story or their point-of-view on a topic. It can be emotionally charged to convey its message to the target audience.

Product Video The product video helps make research of the product easier by not just reading a lot of static text. It will show and explain how the product actually works. This video can be an animation as well. Or, it could be a video including a sales or spokesperson who will explain how it works. The product can become more appealing if there is a human helping them through the decision making process.

Client Testimonial Client testimonials build trust. If other people are willing to back the services or product of a business it makes people interested for themselves. Companies are proud when they have a high rating on Angies List or The Better Business Bureau. This same enthusiasm should be shared on video with happy customers to help build your brand on trust and results.

Educational/How-to  Through educational video you can educate customers, your industry, and website visitors. By providing education you are building brand credibility. Your business will share its knowledge and be there to help others. These videos result in not just education, but lead to increased sales. Your business becomes more useful and people grow to depend on the information that you provide.

Leadership These videos are somewhat related to educational videos. They come from conference speeches, presentations, webinars, and other similar activities. The value of a leadership video is that it shows a business owner or employee as an expert in their field. A leadership video communicates credibility for the people who make up your company.

Training Videos How many times have you had to relay best practices to your employees? Do you spend a lot of time repeating the same information? If this is the case, a training video could save you a lot of time and effort. Producing a training video not only saves time, but also gives a visual representation of how tasks are supposed to be completed. It makes a statement about your company, that you are smart and detailed in your communications.