Accountant Benefits for E-newsletter Marketing

Accountant Benefits for E-newsletters

Accountants are important to our businesses because we trust them with our finances. We need their help and guidance so that we can focus on making our business successful. Accountants also have a lot of useful information on how to save money! Things are always changing with government and finances and a good accountant will keep their clients up to date on these changes and how to take advantage of an opportunity. If you are an accountant or CPA, how often do you get the opportunity to share this kind of information with your clients? Is it only when they call you with a question? Is it maybe every four
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Intel iQ marketing objectives

Intel iQ & Marketing Objectives

Why do we read our favorite blogs?  This series is about how Intel plans to meet its current marketing objectives and what this might mean for other technology-driven companies.  Why do we read our favorite blogs? We read them because the content falls in line with our interests or needs.  We are driven by curiosity, pleasure, business, or all three! Intel’s digital magazine website IQ caught my attention for these reasons.  While I tend to be more interested in art and storytelling, I know that there is a powerful link between science and innovation. Intel IQ has leveraged its employee culture and interests into content curation that educates and entertains.
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Visual Storytelling from Chipotle

Is there a benefit to entertaining while educating?  Chipotle thinks so!  As I was writing this series, Chipotle’s website was updated time and time again with more interactive features.  Chipotle is always finding new ways to use more visual storytelling.  What is visual storytelling?  This post will cover why it is important and how Chipotle has used visual storytelling in its website design. Visual Storytelling The more that I learn about visual storytelling the more attractive it becomes for marketing purposes.  I have a love for drawing and graphic design but the issue is much more practical than my taste.  While researching the topic, I found that many famous authors
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