thought leadership

Thought Leadership with White Papers

Thought leadership is all about authority. It is having an understanding of your vision of the future. This vision should fall in line with the current facts of your industry and motivate others to trust you. This developed trust then provides more opportunities for making profits. The way that we think can open doors and capture the attention of our audience. These same thoughts can then start a new relationship with the focus of meeting business goals. What we think is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Next, how we communicate these ideas makes them clear and persuasive or non-effective. If you are in the B2B industry
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Manufacturing and Brand Awaren

Manufacturing & Brand Awareness

The most strategic manufacturing companies know that brand awareness is the key for more sales. Having space in the minds of the target market is a powerful marketing tool. The biggest asset that is gained through brand awareness is trust. First, there has to be multiple opportunities to see your brand in different spaces. What may come to mind are the different ways to advertise traditionally like magazine ads, product placement, and other standard advertising options. Has your company considered thought leadership? Thought leadership can demonstrate to your target market what the company is really about. It takes brand awareness to the next level because it demonstrates the facts moving
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E-newsletter How to for a CPA

E-newsletter How-to for a CPA

If you have been thinking about producing an E-newsletter, you probably have some important questions to ask. Thoughts ranging from content, where to start, and spam probably comes to mind. In this post I cover these topics and more. If you have not read my last post on “Why” here is the link: Accountant Benefits for E-newsletters. Where to Start To start-off you don’t need to have everything about your online marketing in order. Hopefully you have a website and your e-mail contacts of clients and leads. I like to start with thinking about these individuals. What are their interests and needs concerning content? Start the process of by brainstorming
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