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Customer Centric Video-Chipotle

Why does Chipotle take video production so seriously? On Chipotle’s three main websites, there’s a strategy for Customer Centric Video. None of these sites are lacking a video on the home page. In this post I will describe how Chipotle uses video and why they use it so much.

A marketing filter is anything that distracts or prohibits the audience from understanding and taking action. It can be poor information architecture on your website-placing important information deep in subpages. This would also be a time filter because the reader is more likely to lose interests the longer they have to search for information that should be right in front of their face. Video can be used as the opposite of a marketing filter with the right idea, execution, and website location.

The Answer to My Question

I believe that there is a two-fold answer to my original question: time and communication. Part of this strategy is to answer questions without spending a lot of time reading. Don’t get me wrong, text is the foundation for SEO results for ranking your website, but for user experience you cannot beat the speed of video.

Communication is all about answering questions. The first time someone lands on your website-they have questions! Quality websites answer those questions quickly by using dynamic content. Just having one kind of content on your website does not account for communication and personality types.

For each visitor who lands on your page, there is a method for how they consume information. Some visitors will do a quick scan; some will read for longer amounts time. Some will want to see information in a visual way. Some visitors will read all of your text and look at every page. It all depends on their personality type and reason for their search in the first place.

When it comes to video, it is a necessity for most brands, here’s why:

• Speed-understanding the information quickly
• Personal touch-putting a face to the communication
• Memory-we remember what we see more than what we read
• Segmentation-the option of how visitors want to consume content

For these reasons, online video should be taken seriously in whatever industry. Based on the need of your industry and company the budget and quantity of video production will be different.

What is Customer Centric Video?

Customer centric is all about placing the customer as the focus and not the sale. Its not about what we sell as a brand it is about how we meet a need and what this looks like from the customers point of view.  It is empathy for the situation of the customer.  Its about them.  Customer centric video answers the common questions that a customer would ask from their point of view.  It is like we are walking in their shoes as they experience our product or service.

Let’s get back to Chipotle. With each of its main three websites there is AT LEAST one video. Let’s start with

Chipotle always keeps its homepage updated with fresh content. There is a focus of three main item areas. A video or animation is many times featured as soon as the page is loaded. When there is not a video on the top of the homepage, there is a video under the homepage.

Towards the bottom of the home page is a cord loop that invites you to pull it. It says, “INTEGRITY is a kind of funny word for food”. It’s playful and has an arrow pointing to the cord, to click it. Once you do, their website becomes more interactive. Each area explains why Chipotle’s food is produced with “Integrity”. In that same area is a video titled, “Steve Ells, One man’s quest for better tasting pork”. This video introduces you to Steve Ells and why he believes in what he is doing. It also introduces the consumers to where their food comes from and why this information is important.

This video introduces Steve as a classically trained chief and also the CEO. It’s personal and it adds professional authority. As viewers we get the story and the motive for Steve’s recipes and how he produces his recipes.

The Cultivate website is cleaner looking than The design increases professionalism as a foundation website. There are aspects of Chipotle’s branding that crosses over to this site, including a paper texture background and dotted line content dividers. The font is more serious as they focus on raising funds for sustainable food in America.

The featured video for the Cultivate Foundation website is The Scarecrow. The area where the video is featured reads, “Join Chipotle and the scarecrow on a journey to bring real food back to the people. Watch the film, play the game, and download the soundtrack to directly support the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.”

The Scarecrow animated video gets to the heart of the topic. It also gives motivation in the face of a very difficult topic to communicate. If they would have just showed the real-life footage it would depress and disturb viewers. Yet, this animated video is inspiring and creative.

This is one of my favorite examples because it is quick to meet the questions of website visitors. The main questions anyone would ask are, “What is the Cultivate Festival and why should I come?” What do you find when visiting the Cultivate website? You find two videos that answer these exact questions at the top of the home page!

For 2015, it looks like the Cultivate Festival will be in Phoenix, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.


Take Away

After viewing many videos online, it became clear to me that I could learn the whole history just by watching videos. It’s quick and more interesting than just reading text. I’m not sure if I could say that about many other brands out there. If my readers have some good examples, please share them. Here is the link to Chipotle’s YouTube Chanel.

Communicate as quickly as you can on your website. It will pay-off! Visitors will stay on your pages for longer amounts of time and take more action.

Answer the most obvious questions with video. Make it easy to understand what your brand is about and what a particular website is about.

Produce captivating videos with creative genus!

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