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You Need a Content Marketing Niche

Do you find it difficult to consistently find ideas to post on social media? Content marketing has so many options to writ about. It’s all about finding your marketing niche. Your brand can do just that.

Even if you have a particular type of business there is still a wide range inside of that for content creation. We do have a lot of options even when we stay inside of our industries. The problem is that we have too many options for producing content.

The real issue is always how is what I am posting going to be received by my audience. It then becomes a task of focusing down on one value and being creative in that one focus.

This may sound easy but we all know that it is not. Here is how you can find a content niche and be successful. I promise that once you do find a content niche it will bring the following results:

• Faster content creation
• Higher quality of content
• Notable difference that makes you stand out
• Clear understanding of how content is linked with business goals

It all starts with thinking about your target audience. I have some more thoughts below.

Your Content Marketing Audience Factor

A great place to start is thinking about who your audience is. Your target audience should be chosen based on the most valuable customers that you have or desire to have. What are their tendencies? What are their favorite websites, magazines, and other media?

I was once told that you could pick up a magazine and open it up to the individual stories and each one of them is an example of a niche inside of a niche. This stuck with me because this is how we need to think. We at least need a content marketing niche, if not a niche inside of a niche.

An example might a fitness studio. They could try to be everything to everyone, but that is not a good idea. A better idea would be to just focus on one buyer persona and meet their needs. Maybe that looks like a Yoga studio. This Yoga studio would then focus on that and only offer other services that is a good pairing.

The same thing is needed for your content niche. You need one focus of content that is your bread and butter. You will become known for it and that will make you stand out in the market.

Intel Content Marketing Niche

Intel is a great example of what it looks like to have a content niche. iQ by Intel is an online magazine that has this niche focus. They started off with the tag line Innovation Everywhere. This tag line gave them the scope for their niche content. Think about the power of narrowing it down to two words. When someone asked what the content is about, they can quickly say Innovation Everywhere.

You can do the same thing for your content development. Sure the scope that you choose should match the size of your company. A content marketing scope like Innovation Everywhere is just right for a company like Intel.

“iQ by Intel has a quick content phrase that used to be visible on the home page. Now they have an about page that sums it up like this:

iQ by Intel is our tech culture magazine that brings you deeper into the lives of people and the technologies they are using to change the world.

Well-known and up-and-coming innovators, makers and experts inside Intel and from across the industry help us explore how technologies are conceived, how they work and how we can use them in our everyday lives.
Each week, we dig into fashion, sports, gaming, health, lifestyles, the Maker Movement and much more”.

About Intel IQ

The example of iQ by Intel is perfect because they not only had their target audience in mind, they also planned for employee buy in. They considered their company culture. Intel is already tech savvy-building core processors and other tech products. These same employees are active on social media and the company policy encourages its use. It’s the principle of leveraging what you have.

Content Marketing Scope

No company can write about everything that relates to its products or services. This would not be smart anyways. For Main Mix Marketing’s blog I have two main categories that I focus on:

• Value creation
• Audience building

I use these two categories only because I believe that they are the most important for marketing. This post falls into the value creation category. By producing content that is niche you have a much higher chance of actually providing real value. Niche content allows you to dive deep enough to be truly helpful and entertaining to your audience.

My second content category (niche) is audience building. If there is no audience to learn and grow from there is no business success. It is the relationship between value creation and audience growth that makes marketing successful.

Think about how your content can be focused. You can get it down to a phrase or a one category that is best.

Focused Content Has Power

The true power of content marketing is focus. When the opposite happens, content is developed but not connected to one big business goal. This is disconnected content that makes the job difficult if not impossible. All content produced should be linked to a documented goal. That goal should then fit as a part of meeting the one big business goal that you have chosen.

Document Your Content Marketing Plan

Much of content marketing fails because there is no documented plan. One of the documents that you will need is called a content strategy. The great news is that you will have a niche phrase or way to develop guide lines for content production.

In choosing your content niche do some research on what is out there. It needs to be very focused and different. At the same time it needs to be reasonable for meeting a big business goal for your company. Not an easy thing to do, but well worth it!

What are you building as a long term content asset that helps your bottom line?


Here are some influential questions to answer:

• Do we have content that is aligned with a big business goal? How?
• Does are content fit into a niche? Why?
• Is our content all over the place? Too many goals/unclear goals?
• Do we use a documented plan? What documents make up that plan?
• Are we missing any documents that we should be using?
• Are we personally proud of our content? Why?

By answering the questions above you will be headed in the right direction for content marketing and social media. Take some time and find out how solid your process is and find the ideas that will improve it.

I find that the more I read my strategy documents the more ideas I generate. Things become clearer. It’s an evolving process. But that is the way it is supposed to be.