Content Marketing FAQ

What are the benefits of content marketing?

There are many benefits, but here is a short list:

•    Create real value for prospects and customers
•    Use free spaces to engage your target (not paying for advertisments)
•    Educate your audience-changing future behavior
•    Test content to learn more about your audience
•    Position your brand as an industry thought leader
•    Own your content as an asset that continues to produce results
•    Build your own audience on your own channels
•    Sell advertising space on your website

Who is content marketing for?  

Content marketing is for any brand or person who has something to say. This list includes associations, CEOs, CMOs, PR professionals, non-profit organizations, management, and other professionals.  Content marketing is great for small, medium, and large businesses.  Any brand or individual who has a heart for providing compelling and consistent content is a match.

Is content marketing a long-term or short-term strategy?

Content Marketing is a long-term strategy to gain prospects and grow customer retention. The word “program” should be used when talking about content marketing, not campaign. A program is designed to span a longer period of time. A campaign can be a few months or shorter.

What roles need to be filled?

Content Marketing is a team sport. A good team number to start with is at-least three players. Each role can have one or multiple duties. Here is a list of the duties that should be included:

• Chief Content Officer (CCO)
• Editing Manager
• Writer
• SEO Specialist
• Designer/Photographer

Blow is a brief description of roles and duties.

Chief Content Officer (CCO)

A CCO is responsible for managing the overall process and the team members involved. They drive the direction of the program and lead in the planning process. A CCO sets deadlines with the team and they manage any third party relationships. They also track the results (ROI) and report to the team.

Editing Manager

The Editing Manager adds consistency to the content based on the directions of the CCO. They must have excellent writing skills as they will edit what the writers produce. The Editing Manager will also work with the graphic designer or photographer throughout the content development.


The best writers are individuals in your company who know your industry. Employees can become a part of your content marketing strategy. If employees have a passion for communicating in writing, there work can be shaped up by the Editing Manager.

SEO Specialist, Designer, and Photographer

These duties can be made into roles or they can be divided to others. It is a good idea to have one person doing one thing-in a perfect world. On the other hand, these duties can be added to an existing role. Main Mix Marketing can also help to fill in the gaps and provide services.

What is an editorial calendar?

An Editorial Calendar puts everything in its place. It is the road map to developing and posting quality content. It guides the team members through the process and makes it easy to track and collaborate.

Editorial Calendars include item details like content development priorities, assigned producers, online channels, search engine optimization strategy, and more.

What does our Service Look Like?

This depends on where your company is at with content marketing.



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