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Content marketing is here to stay. We are your content marketing agency Cleveland Ohio! 

What Is Content Marketing?

​Here is one definition: 

​"Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing valuable and compelling content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action". 

-Epic Content Marketing ​

​What Does It Mean For Your Brand? 

​This means that your brand has a new opportunity to create high value content for your customers. It means that customers are expecting that you provide this value with content that helps them learn, be entertained, and possibly make a decision. 

​Content Marketing Agency Cleveland Ohio

​We have a different process for content marketing. We seek to create value, build your audience, and start a legacy. It all begins with value creation. In order to get the attention that your brand needs you have to offer strategic value that fills a need in the moment. 

​Build Your Audience 

Many brands need to build an audience from the start. Other brands need to grow the audience that they currently have.  By having your own audience you can start to reap the rewards for providing valuable content.

Your brand can tap into the results of having an audience. For example, these results can include an increase in visitors, subscribers, sales, net promoters score, learning, and creating a better customer who buys more. 

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Content marketing is different than many of the other forms of marketing. It sets out to start a relationship with the consumer. It is not only make a sale. This is very important today. We have a need to get a conversation going with people who might buy latter. There is no reason to not take advantage of someone visiting your channel. They might share your content with a friend.

Statistics About Content Marketing

Considering these important numbers:  ​

B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t.

8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers, and 23% of all time spent online is spent on social media sites.

Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.

Inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads.

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus in an advertisement.

These are some pretty impressive numbers to think about. By using content marketing you are allowing the right people to find your content for themselves. This is not being disruptive with advertising.

Your brand should use both content marketing and advertising to maximize it's effectiveness online. In many cases, brands are now using data from their content to better optimize their ad buys. 

We Bring Clarity

​Online marketing is complex.  There are so many channels available today. Our promise is that we can bring clarity to your content marketing strategy. This clarity will transfer over to execution - leading to results. 

Content Marketing Is Here to Stay ​

​Content marketing is being used by some of the best brands in the world. Examples of these brands include Coca-Cola, Lego, Chipotle, Red Bull, GE, Kraft, XERON, TD Ameritrade and more. These brands are utilizing strategies that can work for your brand's content too. 

​How To Get Started 

​Start by learning more about content marketing. The Main Mix Marketing Blog is full of content that can help. Content marketing is a team sport and we are here to help. 

Consider where your brand is today with online marketing. ​Do you have someone who has this as part of their job description? Maybe you have an in-house marketing team. A great place to start is our free online marketing audit. By requesting this free audit you can better understand your current performance.  

​Main Mix Marketing provides monthly content marketing services. We also have coaching services if you have an internal marketing team. 

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Your free online marketing audit will assess your brand across multiple channels and performance standards: website, social media, SEO, and local search.