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Your audience is online right now, shopping, researching products and services, and interacting on social media. Main Mix Marketing will help you to develop and implement a marketing strategy that is built around the world of your customers. We will identify the best channels, content strategy, and keywords to build your audience.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the development of compelling content to attract your target audience. Your content is then found through natural search. It answers relevant questions and keeps them coming back. By providing value through content you build your own audience on social media and your website. This relationship then provides profit for your brand when leads are ready to purchase.

In our society we are exposed to around 5,000 marketing messages a day! Customers now need to engage with more content before making a decision to buy. This number of content is now an average above 10 pieces of content.

A content strategy can be educational or entertaining or both!  Why is a content strategy important?  It comes back to making full use of your website and online presence.  Do you ever feel like your online marketing is heading in all kinds of directions between your website and social media?  Content marketing focuses on your marketing goals in a systematic way.  Also see our content marketing FAQs page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is important for the success of all online marketing.  By conducting SEO research we can develop a fine-tuned content strategy that taps into the terms that your audience is already searching for.  It can help direct the focus of content production and with tracking results.

Marketing Goals

The content that is produced is focused on completing marketing goals.  These goals may include greater rankings for keywords, lead generation, nurturing, customer retention, social media metrics, brand awareness, and more.

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Make your content attract new visitors and convert towards business goals.  Contact Main Mix Marketing today for more details about Cleveland marketing solutions.