Graphic Design Cleveland Ohio

Graphic Design Cleveland Ohio

In our society we are exposed to around 5,000 marketing messages a day!  Your companies’ graphic design needs to make a clear statement. We provide that level of quality and difference.

The first time someone may see your graphic design is on your business card, website, or social media. Whatever the case, it makes a first impression. Your design elements should stand out and be consistent from item to item and platform to platform.

Customer Centric Design

It is important that your audience identifies themselves with your brand.  Being customer centric in your design means it’s about them and not your company.  You are visualizing and making clear the change it will have over some one’s life.  When it comes to B2C, B2B, and Non-profit marketing, your brand needs to be up-to-date on this practice.

Your Digital Content

Planning a cohesive visual strategy can set your brand apart. This forms a visual memory and relationship of value with your brand identity.  Main Mix works with brands to develop a strategy for cross-channel marketing.  We use your marketing goals and target audience as our guide for the process.  Your visual strategy may include:

•    Company branding
•    Personal branding
•    Social media branding and design
•    Graphic design for online video
•    Graphic library for regular posting needs
•    Print design

For each touch point your brand has, we can create a customer centric design strategy that ties it all together.


Each brand needs coherence- a baseline or standard to build from.  These guidelines allow for a brand to use their graphic assets in a consistent and strategic way.  The brands of today need to make a professional impression, communicate their value, and separate themselves from competition.

Brand Touch Points

How many ways are there to maximize your branding?  Any moment that your company is visible or spoken about is an opportunity for branding. A very short list of brand touch points may include:

•    Environments
•    Blogging
•    Social media marketing
•    Newsletters
•    Signage
•    Packaging
•    Website
•    Presentations
•    Products
•    Services
•    In-person conversations
•    Phone conversations
•    Email marketing

There is a touch point opportunity at every turn!  Main Mix develops brand strategies and works with companies to make an impact.

Benefits of a Strong Brand

With 5,000 visible marketing messages a day, here are some benefits of developing a strong brand:

•    Builds memory, visual identity, and reference point
•    Makes your company easy to refer to others
•    Communicates value and identity internally for a strong company culture
•    Builds an emotional connection over time with customers
•    Saves time and money when the brand strategy/assets are ready to use
•    Separates your value and positioning from competition
•    Identifies the needs, goals, and aspirations of your audience
•    Forms irreplaceable relationships in the lives of your customers- customer loyalty

Each element of our development will create a foundation for growing your brand.

You’re Brand Strategy

Next, we meet and discuss options for the development and results of the project. From this meeting, we are able to ask the right questions and brainstorm different approaches to your branding. The process continues with presenting multiple drafts, mood boards, copy, and other examples. Based on your feedback and conclusions, your final branding package is developed.

Brand Standards Guide

Our guide keeps you on the right track when using your new branding. It includes all of the instructions and guidelines for using your assets. These assets include everything that your need for your brand touch points.  This includes what files types to use on what platforms.

Let’s Connect

Make your graphic design have a greater impact. Contact us today for more details.  Contact Main Mix Marketing today for more details about graphic design in Cleveland Ohio.

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