Visual Storytelling from Chipotle

Is there a benefit to entertaining while educating?  Chipotle thinks so!  As I was writing this series, Chipotle’s website was updated time and time again with more interactive features.  Chipotle is always finding new ways to use more visual storytelling.  What is visual storytelling?  This post will cover why it is important and how Chipotle has used visual storytelling in its website design. Visual Storytelling The more that I learn about visual storytelling the more attractive it becomes for marketing purposes.  I have a love for drawing and graphic design but the issue is much more practical than my taste.  While researching the topic, I found that many famous authors
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Chipotle’s Recipe for Online Presence

Developing and managing all of the facets of an online presence is not simple. There are so many questions that need to be answered in the planning stage. This post covers how Chipotle has tackled its online presence. There’s a lot of buzz around Chipotle right now. Much of it’s focused on the company’s Hulu series Farmed and Dangerous and on its successful Scarecrow animation. Behind each production Chipotle’s brand identity is infused into everything the company does, including its website. Let’s start from the foundation-brand positioning Chipotle’s most popular slogans: “Cultivating a Better World” “Cultivating Thought” “Food for Thought” I like Chipotle’s way of thinking. The wording is all
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