Online Engagement and Non-profit Video

Online Engagement & Non-profit Video

Video is gaining more and more popularity. The numbers of online engagement is growing fast. The need to have a video strategy is becoming more and more apparent. Any quality video production has creativity, difference, and a call to action that matters. In this post, I provide examples of leading Non-profit Video productions that do just this. Video production should boost your online engagement and help to meet your goals. Without the proper planning and creativity videos will not get the views, shares, donations, and other responses. This is called online engagement. Here are a few more ways that online engagement happens: Subscribing (channel, feed, email) Feedback (comments, complaints, inquiries)
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Is Video Engagement a Necessity

Is Video Engagement a Necessity?

I think that a number of companies would answer no. It would be along the line of thought that making sales are necessary and videos don’t necessarily mean more sales. If you ask the same question about having a website, I believe that most companies would say “Yes, it’s necessary because it’s expected. How are you going to not have a website when so many people are searching online?” What if I told you that in the near future video will be the largest factor for getting website traffic? This is the direction that we are headed in for the near future. The industry leader in this area is definitely
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customer centric video 2

Customer Centric Video-Chipotle

Why does Chipotle take video production so seriously? On Chipotle’s three main websites, there’s a strategy for Customer Centric Video. None of these sites are lacking a video on the home page. In this post I will describe how Chipotle uses video and why they use it so much. A marketing filter is anything that distracts or prohibits the audience from understanding and taking action. It can be poor information architecture on your website-placing important information deep in subpages. This would also be a time filter because the reader is more likely to lose interests the longer they have to search for information that should be right in front of
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