White Paper Best Practices

White Paper Best Practices

The Manufacturing Industry is great for white papers. This was the topic of my last post. It seems natural to do a follow-up post on white paper best practices. I will describe the process from outline to finish and include insights on particular areas of content. There are many examples of white paper outlines or processes that are out there. Many examples are just too simple. You don’t want to have any confusion that extends the production process. Normally, a few people from your company would oversee the project. One person is responsible for planning while the other person helps them to plan. Depending on the topic or size of
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thought leadership

Thought Leadership with White Papers

Thought leadership is all about authority. It is having an understanding of your vision of the future. This vision should fall in line with the current facts of your industry and motivate others to trust you. This developed trust then provides more opportunities for making profits. The way that we think can open doors and capture the attention of our audience. These same thoughts can then start a new relationship with the focus of meeting business goals. What we think is one of the most important aspects of our lives. Next, how we communicate these ideas makes them clear and persuasive or non-effective. If you are in the B2B industry
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Manufacturing and Brand Awaren

Manufacturing & Brand Awareness

The most strategic manufacturing companies know that brand awareness is the key for more sales. Having space in the minds of the target market is a powerful marketing tool. The biggest asset that is gained through brand awareness is trust. First, there has to be multiple opportunities to see your brand in different spaces. What may come to mind are the different ways to advertise traditionally like magazine ads, product placement, and other standard advertising options. Has your company considered thought leadership? Thought leadership can demonstrate to your target market what the company is really about. It takes brand awareness to the next level because it demonstrates the facts moving
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E-newsletter How to for a CPA

E-newsletter How-to for a CPA

If you have been thinking about producing an E-newsletter, you probably have some important questions to ask. Thoughts ranging from content, where to start, and spam probably comes to mind. In this post I cover these topics and more. If you have not read my last post on “Why” here is the link: Accountant Benefits for E-newsletters. Where to Start To start-off you don’t need to have everything about your online marketing in order. Hopefully you have a website and your e-mail contacts of clients and leads. I like to start with thinking about these individuals. What are their interests and needs concerning content? Start the process of by brainstorming
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Accountant Benefits for E-newsletter Marketing

Accountant Benefits for E-newsletters

Accountants are important to our businesses because we trust them with our finances. We need their help and guidance so that we can focus on making our business successful. Accountants also have a lot of useful information on how to save money! Things are always changing with government and finances and a good accountant will keep their clients up to date on these changes and how to take advantage of an opportunity. If you are an accountant or CPA, how often do you get the opportunity to share this kind of information with your clients? Is it only when they call you with a question? Is it maybe every four
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Intel iQ marketing objectives

Intel iQ & Marketing Objectives

Why do we read our favorite blogs?  This series is about how Intel plans to meet its current marketing objectives and what this might mean for other technology-driven companies.  Why do we read our favorite blogs? We read them because the content falls in line with our interests or needs.  We are driven by curiosity, pleasure, business, or all three! Intel’s digital magazine website IQ caught my attention for these reasons.  While I tend to be more interested in art and storytelling, I know that there is a powerful link between science and innovation. Intel IQ has leveraged its employee culture and interests into content curation that educates and entertains.
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Why Content Marketing?

Why choose content marketing?  In this post I describe some of the answers to this question and how they can impact your brand. Chipotle is a great example of content marketing. Here’s the back story: Chipotle takes a more organic, grass roots approach to marketing.  Much of the focus is on creating websites, videos, foundations, education, and memorable events. Chipotle’s CMO, Mark Crumpacker said that, “Chipotle was built on word-of-mouth marketing.  We’re focused on reigniting word-of-mouth marketing, rather than big advertising campaigns.”  This is interesting based on the standard marketing and advertising practices of the fast food industry. A Simple Idea CEO Steve Ells tells his story on the about
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Branded Entertainment

What is Branded Entertainment?

What is Branded Entertainment? It’s the next big change in how we think about our marketing strategy. In this post, I describe how a brand can bring entertainment value to the table and meet company goals. Chipotle is a great example of an industry leader that thinks on its feet. There is so much to be said about doing things differently and providing value in the moment. Branded Entertainment is different. It’s not like a commercial-providing a 30second burst of temptation (fast-food commercials). It can bring as much value as your favorite TV show! In regards to creativity it is more about storytelling than selling. It’s non-interruptive because it is
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2020 desgn dollar mulitiplyer 10

Re-purposing your Content

If you are interested in content marketing for your brand (You are reading this post!) then you will be interested on getting the most out of your content. I like to think of it like finding the best way to invest your money in life. There are different ways that lead to different results. Content Marketing is becoming more and more popular with brands. The reason for this is simple. People are online doing research before they buy. This research includes an average of 10 sources before they buy. People are also online in general. Much of the time they are online it is for these 3 reasons: 1. To
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Researching & Content Marketing

Is your brand considering how to use the marketing budget? Your budget may include researching your target audience. With the right research, key insights may be gained that can increase profits. Everyone can agree that learning more about your target audience can turn into larger profits. The question becomes, “What is the best way to research?” Research can be costly and some research methods are going out of date. This post provides examples of projects not researched and it also provides examples of a few industry leaders’ current research methods. Not everything needs to be researched, but I will also share Coca-Cola’s new marketing budget and why they are making
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