liquide content and storrytelling

Liquid Content & Storytelling

What is liquid content? Liquid content can connect your brand story across social media channels. It pulls your content and marketing messaged together with consistency and strategy per channel. This post provides examples of content development, creating with collaborators, and tracking the results. The Content 2020 video part 2 presents examples of how to make your content marketing adapt like liquid. Chapter 6 of Content 2020 is all about “Liquid Content”. Coca-Cola gives a definition for liquid content, “elements of content that move freely amongst themselves but do not become separated stories”. This addresses the challenge of posting content to different channels without it being the same content. If content
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Tell Your Story-Content Marketing

Why does telling your story matter? From a business perspective, the best answer is because your audience matters. If you can’t get the attention of your audience, you can’t sell. If you can’t hold the attention of your audience you can’t build an audience for future sales. None of this is possible without an intentional approach to storytelling. Content 2020, Chapter 3 is all about storytelling. It highlights how Coca-Cola will use different ways to tell stories about its brand. This information is very helpful when connected to the foundations of solid storytelling. This post focuses on 5 different ways to tell your story; it also focuses on best practices.
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