Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy – 7 Powerful Reasons To Use Webinars

Why should your company use webinars as a part of its marketing strategy? There are 7 reasons that I can give to explain why webinars might be a great fit. Webinars work best for B2B brands. If your brand needs to train or inform someone on a relevant topic, webinars can be a good solution. If your brand already offers conferences, workshops, or training opportunities you should also be taking advantage of webinars. Here are 7 reasons why. Marketing Strategy Reason #1 – Pre-qualify With Webinars Using webinars as a part of your marketing strategy makes since because it pre-qualifies your audience. When someone signs up for your webinar they
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Master Twitter Frequency

How to Master Twitter Frequency For Results

If you found this post you are probably considering how much you should tweet in one day. Twitter frequency is one thing that you need to master to get better results with Twitter. Each Twitter post is an opportunity to get your content in front of people. How many times do I need to Tweet in a day? It depends on where you are today with your current Twitter followers and what kinds of goals you set for this channel. A Twitter post is an opportunity for someone to click over to your website or follow you. Hopefully it will be both. Maybe they ReTweet it too. Basically, you want
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15 Easy Twitter Tips

15 Easy Twitter Tips For Increasing Results

My next few blog posts will be about Twitter. There are a lot of small and easy things that you can do to increase social media marketing (SMM) results on Twitter. So, I think it is good to start with some of the easy Twitter Tips that can make a big difference in the long run. By having these little things taken care of you can set yourself up for success in the long-run as you post. Twitter Tips Twitter has around 317 million monthly active users. These users send around 500 million tweets a day. By following these 15 easy Twitter tips you will be able to get more
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How You’re Doing Social Media Marketing Wrong

If you are reading this post, it means that you are already on the right track. You care about your social media marketing practices. The list of items below should help you to address these points if the shoe fits. By dodging these mistakes you will be on your way to building or growing your audience. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is already complex, by reading this post you will be able to cut out some of the easy mistakes that can be made. These mistakes can really hinder achieving your marketing goals. Not Having A SMM Strategy There could be a whole book written on this subject but I’m going
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Branded Entertainment

Build Your Audience with Brand Entertainment

What is Brand Entertainment? In regards to creativity it is more about storytelling than selling. It’s non-interruptive. It could be a TV series, movie, music album, animation, or comic book. The main goal is that people engage with it when they find it on whatever channel and are entertained. This post will cover the power of brand entertainment with storytelling. It will share the differences in this new way of promoting a brand. Consider commercials and paid advertisements. Everyone watching knows it’s a commercial. No one watches TV for commercials. The same line of visual separation exists on the internet. Paid search links are first and they are separated from
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Smarter Business with Audience Testing

Be a Smarter Business with Audience Testing

Some may wonder about this whole audience testing idea and how valuable it can be. One of the powerful benefits have having your own audience is that you can become a starter more competent business. This post includes examples from Kraft, X Box, ING, and Apple. Each one of these brands has interesting ways of learning from their audience. It all starts with having an audience to learn from on a regular basis. Let’s say that you have an audience of around 1k-10K on a channel. This channel may be your blog, YouTube, Facebook, and any others. Also, this audience could be in person at an event. This would also
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