Intel iQ marketing objectives

Intel iQ & Marketing Objectives

Why do we read our favorite blogs?  This series is about how Intel plans to meet its current marketing objectives and what this might mean for other technology-driven companies.  Why do we read our favorite blogs? We read them because the content falls in line with our interests or needs.  We are driven by curiosity, pleasure, business, or all three! Intel’s digital magazine website IQ caught my attention for these reasons.  While I tend to be more interested in art and storytelling, I know that there is a powerful link between science and innovation. Intel IQ has leveraged its employee culture and interests into content curation that educates and entertains.
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Visual Storytelling from Chipotle

Is there a benefit to entertaining while educating?  Chipotle thinks so!  As I was writing this series, Chipotle’s website was updated time and time again with more interactive features.  Chipotle is always finding new ways to use more visual storytelling.  What is visual storytelling?  This post will cover why it is important and how Chipotle has used visual storytelling in its website design. Visual Storytelling The more that I learn about visual storytelling the more attractive it becomes for marketing purposes.  I have a love for drawing and graphic design but the issue is much more practical than my taste.  While researching the topic, I found that many famous authors
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Why Content Marketing?

Why choose content marketing?  In this post I describe some of the answers to this question and how they can impact your brand. Chipotle is a great example of content marketing. Here’s the back story: Chipotle takes a more organic, grass roots approach to marketing.  Much of the focus is on creating websites, videos, foundations, education, and memorable events. Chipotle’s CMO, Mark Crumpacker said that, “Chipotle was built on word-of-mouth marketing.  We’re focused on reigniting word-of-mouth marketing, rather than big advertising campaigns.”  This is interesting based on the standard marketing and advertising practices of the fast food industry. A Simple Idea CEO Steve Ells tells his story on the about
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customer centric video 2

Customer Centric Video-Chipotle

Why does Chipotle take video production so seriously? On Chipotle’s three main websites, there’s a strategy for Customer Centric Video. None of these sites are lacking a video on the home page. In this post I will describe how Chipotle uses video and why they use it so much. A marketing filter is anything that distracts or prohibits the audience from understanding and taking action. It can be poor information architecture on your website-placing important information deep in subpages. This would also be a time filter because the reader is more likely to lose interests the longer they have to search for information that should be right in front of
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Branded Entertainment

What is Branded Entertainment?

What is Branded Entertainment? It’s the next big change in how we think about our marketing strategy. In this post, I describe how a brand can bring entertainment value to the table and meet company goals. Chipotle is a great example of an industry leader that thinks on its feet. There is so much to be said about doing things differently and providing value in the moment. Branded Entertainment is different. It’s not like a commercial-providing a 30second burst of temptation (fast-food commercials). It can bring as much value as your favorite TV show! In regards to creativity it is more about storytelling than selling. It’s non-interruptive because it is
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Chipotle’s Recipe for Online Presence

Developing and managing all of the facets of an online presence is not simple. There are so many questions that need to be answered in the planning stage. This post covers how Chipotle has tackled its online presence. There’s a lot of buzz around Chipotle right now. Much of it’s focused on the company’s Hulu series Farmed and Dangerous and on its successful Scarecrow animation. Behind each production Chipotle’s brand identity is infused into everything the company does, including its website. Let’s start from the foundation-brand positioning Chipotle’s most popular slogans: “Cultivating a Better World” “Cultivating Thought” “Food for Thought” I like Chipotle’s way of thinking. The wording is all
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2020 desgn dollar mulitiplyer 10

Re-purposing your Content

If you are interested in content marketing for your brand (You are reading this post!) then you will be interested on getting the most out of your content. I like to think of it like finding the best way to invest your money in life. There are different ways that lead to different results. Content Marketing is becoming more and more popular with brands. The reason for this is simple. People are online doing research before they buy. This research includes an average of 10 sources before they buy. People are also online in general. Much of the time they are online it is for these 3 reasons: 1. To
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Researching & Content Marketing

Is your brand considering how to use the marketing budget? Your budget may include researching your target audience. With the right research, key insights may be gained that can increase profits. Everyone can agree that learning more about your target audience can turn into larger profits. The question becomes, “What is the best way to research?” Research can be costly and some research methods are going out of date. This post provides examples of projects not researched and it also provides examples of a few industry leaders’ current research methods. Not everything needs to be researched, but I will also share Coca-Cola’s new marketing budget and why they are making
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2020 design 70-20-10 5 jpg

How CCO’s can use 70/20/10

How do you think about content marketing? Is it the mindset of having to know all of the answers before you start? Content 2020 says, “We need to declare learning intent upfront and celebrate both failure and success.” This quote caught my attention in Chapter 7 of content 2020. To “declare learning intent” is to approach content development as more about testing than having it all figured out from the start. This makes a lot of since; why not learn from your audience as you grow it?   70/20/10 Content Investment Model The model says that 70% of the content developed should be a normal fit for your target audience.
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liquide content and storrytelling

Liquid Content & Storytelling

What is liquid content? Liquid content can connect your brand story across social media channels. It pulls your content and marketing messaged together with consistency and strategy per channel. This post provides examples of content development, creating with collaborators, and tracking the results. The Content 2020 video part 2 presents examples of how to make your content marketing adapt like liquid. Chapter 6 of Content 2020 is all about “Liquid Content”. Coca-Cola gives a definition for liquid content, “elements of content that move freely amongst themselves but do not become separated stories”. This addresses the challenge of posting content to different channels without it being the same content. If content
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