Content Strategy

The Best Content Strategy For Facebook

The best content strategy for 2017 is using a combination of video and Facebook advertising. When it comes to promoting our products and services we always need to be asking one question. That question is, “What will get us the most reach for our investment”? For many brands the answer will be a combination of video marketing and Facebook advertising. In this blog post I will cover why this is most likely the case for your brand and how to take advantage of this opportunity. As with anything to do with online marketing, your team needs to develop a solid content strategy and take action soon. This post will give
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Marketing Strategy

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Video

Your marketing strategy needs video for 2017 and beyond. This blog post will cover why this is true and many 2017 video marketing statistics. You and your team may be considering video marketing as one of the many options out there to use. After all there are a lot of options for marketing your company. You can blog, advertise, and do search engine optimization to name a few. In this blog post I will describe why video as a big part of your marketing strategy is the most important. A Marketing Strategy For Video Creating value is important for your audience. Many times video is a better medium for delivering
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content strategy

Secrets Of A Landing Page Content Strategy

When most people think of a content strategy they think of something that is a plan for multiple marketing channels. Apart from the wide application of a content strategy, developing a landing page might be one of the most important assets to get right. I am currently in the process of planning a landing page with a client: Mindfully Mixed™. They offer a nutrition bar called the Super Salad Bar™. It’s kale based, healthy, and very addictive. I’m working on convincing the client that they need to sell it in a huge package so that I can eat more at one time! It’s important for Mindfully Mixed™ and any other
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