Accountant Benefits for E-newsletter Marketing

Accountant Benefits for E-newsletters

Accountants are important to our businesses because we trust them with our finances. We need their help and guidance so that we can focus on making our business successful. Accountants also have a lot of useful information on how to save money! Things are always changing with government and finances and a good accountant will keep their clients up to date on these changes and how to take advantage of an opportunity.

If you are an accountant or CPA, how often do you get the opportunity to share this kind of information with your clients? Is it only when they call you with a question? Is it maybe every four months or only a few times a year? If so, this could mean that money is being left on the table and your clients are missing out too!

This is where an e-newsletter comes into play. You probably already receive a few e-newsletters each week by email. The titles that directly inform your decision making and business finances are the ones that generally get attention. The goal of an e-newsletter is simple: create more sales through the continual education of your subscribers.

E-newsletters are one of the most efficient ways for Accountants to market themselves on a weekly or monthly basis.

A Definition for E-newsletter

An E-newsletter is a permission based way of staying in contact with clients and prospects on a regular basis using e-mail communication. E-newsletters can include full articles or several article descriptions with links back to a website for the complete article.

What does it take to do an E-newsletter?

Your communication needs a sales mindset mixed with an educational approach. You can ask yourself planning questions like, “What current finance events do my clients need to be updated on?” or “What would help a prospect to choose my services?” You know your business and industry best, it’s just about communicating with intent and saving the client money or hardship. We all want that for our companies but the CPA knows how to make it happen!

Custom Content or Curated Content?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask for your marketing.
Curated Content is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users. –Wikipedia

If you are curating content, you are collecting other peoples content and posting it, with a link, and full author credit. This is not a practice that builds your authority but it does the opposite. If this is your business and industry why would you not have your own voice? Why would you not use content in such a way as to build your authority and specifically direct readers to take actions you desire? Don’t let another name get the credit!

Custom content on the other hand, lets your audience hear tailored fit information. The best place to start is brainstorming what your clients need and how to include your business goals. Be persuasive and make it a win-win.

Don’t get me wrong, other people’s content can be of use, but only as a sprig-board to writing your own. You should follow a few CPA industry blogs to see what is trending. As a result, you may want to address the same issue but from your thought process and ethics.

Do I need to have a Blog?

To do an e-newsletter you do not need to have a blog. As long as you create the article(s) for the newsletter you are good to go. However, a blog can be a way to write regular content and then use that same content in your e-newsletter.

Do I need to have a Website?

You should have at least a landing page or a micro site. There are a few reasons for this:

1. A website is expected and many prospects will search for your service online
2. A website is the starting point for growing all of your online marketing

I want to talk about number two and share a few reasons. A website, even a one-two page site can build your online presence in connection to your e-newsletter activities. For example, say you have three article intros in your e-newsletter with a link for each one back to your website to read the rest of the article. This would drive visitors you your site and grow your online presence. You would begin to show up for more search results in Google. With a website you can begin to think about other marketing options to get more subscribers to your e-newsletter.

CPA E-newsletter & Blog Examples

Here are a few CPA examples that I like:

American Institute of CPAs E-newsletter

Accounting Today E-newsletter

CPA Now is a great example of CPA blogging.

I hope these examples provide insight and motivation for your online marketing. The next upcoming post will be on the “how to” or “best practices” of E-newsletter design.