Brady Huffman Main Mix Marketing

Brady Huffman

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2012, with Main Mix Marketing. I was a fresh graduate of The Cleveland Institute of Are with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Art. I started doing freelance work, mostly video and graphic design. This lead to the realization that it’s not enough to provide just a website or a video for my clients. It's marketing that makes these things work.

Placing Marketing First

That is why I started Main Mix Marketing. I help my clients to place marketing first over any other types of activities that may be needed. Yes, you should have a great looking website and produce quality videos. More than that, there should be a clear understanding of marketing's role in the creative services. You don’t need just another blog post you need a full marketing strategy.


As a business owner and professional, my main focus is marketing strategy. I work with my clients to develop a strategy and then I partner with them for success in content marketing and social media.

Content Marketing University (CMU) Certified

I earned my CMU Certification in 2017. This knowledge base helps me to bring clarity to content marketing process and execution strategies.

Tai Lopez Social Media Certified (In Progress)

I’m currently earning a social media certification from Tai Lopez. Tai is one of the top leaders in social media marketing. From 2014-2016 more than 1.6 billion minutes of his videos have been watched on YouTube. Entrepreneur Magazine also featured a great interview with Tai.

Vision For Main Mix Marketing

It’s important for every brand to have a clear vision:

Create value. Build your audience. Start your legacy.

Creating value is the best part of marketing. If you can actually produce content that people enjoy and want more of, I think that's pretty amazing. If there is value there is  a win-win for everyone involved.

Audience building will become more important for brands everywhere. The power of building your own audience is that the group actually wants what you have to offer on a regular basis. That same audience is then connected with short-term and long-term goals for the success of your business.

Legacy is something to start thinking about earlier in life. The sooner you and your brand plans for a legacy the more likely it is to come to reality. These are brands that really help others and make a better world. Main Mix Marketing will be exploring what it can mean to start and leave a legacy.

Your Free Online Marketing Audit

The first step to increasing your success with marketing is knowing where you stand. Your free online marketing audit will cover all of your online presence and areas that need improvement.